Importance Of Excel Skills In A Business

Importance Of Excel Skills In A Business

Importance Of Excel Skills In A Business

Many people view Microsoft Excel as simply a program used for accounting or creating graphs. However, Excel can be used for so much more. In fact, Excel skills are important for both personal use and business purposes not knowing how to use them can improve your career or business productivity.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Excel skills in business and how you can improve your skills.

1. It Is Mobility Friendly

You can work with excel online from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can edit your spreadsheet on the go without touching your PC and you can share your work on social media with ease.

This means you can work on excel anywhere and at any time as recently Microsoft has launched its all-in-one office app that you can use to work on spreadsheets and mobile as well. Most companies these days are moving to the cloud and Microsoft Excel has its own web version. It has so many features, like functions, pivot tables, and pivot charts just like the desktop app.

2. It Is The Best Way To Store Data

Storing business records has become so easy due to the use of Microsoft excel. It is a time-saving and efficient way to keep track of business records, customer records, and many other important data.

Excel is a type of software that is used by millions of people. While its pop culture status rages through the mainstream, its power to assist to solve the world’s most pressing problems is glaringly off-the-chart. Excel is by far the computer’s best all-around productivity tool; hardly anybody has any practical objections to working with it. It is by far the single most

For that reason, we recommend that you store data in Excel (or other data programs that are compatible with it) and then share it with others in whatever format you want them to have it.

3. Carryout Statistical Calculations

What makes the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application the best is the fact that it has a set of pre-defined functions that you can use for calculation.

A formula is used to return a specific result from a range of numeric values. However, apart from this, you can create your own formulas (creative formulas) by combining two or more functions; or you can just perform calculations like “+” or “-“ using operators.

4. All The Tools For Data Analysis

If you’ve ever used Excel, you probably know that it can be used for simple data analysis. There are many formulas to use in Excel to find the average, frequency, median, mode, etc. You can also perform simple data analysis using pivot tables.

The primary motive for initiating the collection of data is due to analyze the data to glean meaningful insights from it. The good news is that Excel has some of the most powerful tools to analyze data.

Imagine you have data with thousands of rows and are prepared to manually enter data into a pivot table. If you have a large volume of data, you don’t want to do that manually, which is why excel is used to analyze large data.

Importance Of Excel Skills In A Business

5. It Is The Best Way To Create A Graph

It is very easy to create a graph using Microsoft Excel. If you want to create a chart, then you need to create a pivot table. It is a type of table that can be used to analyze different sets of data at the same time with a graphical presentation of data.

In Excel, you have all those options to create charts and present your data in a visual way. All those major types of charts that you need to use to present your data are already there and you can insert them with a single click.

If you go to the Insert Tab, in the charts group, you can find all the charts which you can insert. Not just that, there’s also a button called recommended charts that you can use to let Microsoft Excel recommend you the best possible chart to use for the data you have in your worksheet.

And if you think that you need something other than the default charts you have the option to create advanced charts using some specific methods.

6. You Can Print Reports Easily

Even if you are a person who likes to save reports to share with others or present them to someone, Excel allows you to print with a lot of customization where you can change the margin, paper size, orientation, etc. There are a whole bunch of options that you can use for page setup before printing a report.

7. Excel Have So Many Free Templates To Use

One of the most popular things about Excel is you can create dashboards and templates. There are a whole bunch of free templates that you can download and use for your own. You can use those templates to create reports for your business or for personal use.

8. You Can Code To Automate

Microsoft Office has its own coding language which is called VBA (visual basic for applications) and it allows you to write code for almost all the activities that you perform manually in Excel. You can automate all kinds of activities from simple (make a text bold) to complex (insert a pivot table) using a VBA code.

9. Transform And Clean Data

If you are one of those people who work with data a lot or you know someone who works, there are a lot of situations where you need to deal with messy data which you need to clean before you use it.

The process of cleaning and transforming data takes a big chunk of your time and it can be a tedious process. For this, Microsoft has introduced the power query which is a data transformation and cleaning engine well you can load data from multiple sources, transform it, and then load it back to the worksheet.

10. Store Data With Millions Of Rows

Well, there is no limit to data, but Excel has a limit in terms of rows and columns. So that’s why Microsoft came up with Power Pivot where you can store data with millions of rows and then you can perform calculations within Power Pivot in a very powerful way.

11. Increases Productivity

Business productivity increase with the use of Microsoft Excel. Due to its innumerable usability features, it is the ideal choice for the business and e-commerce industry. It is a tool that can be used by everyone, even if you are not a programmer.

There if you have a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed and you want to analyze it on the go then you can use Excel. You can create a summary of this data and then use the sheet to take a quick look at the data or analyze it in real time.


Learning various skills with excel is a great way to improve your business or personal productivity. You can use Excel to create your own dashboard, create graphs, create reports, create code, transform data, store data with millions of rows, and more. If you want to learn more skills then you can go for Excel training with online courses right from the comfort of your home.

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